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7 Feb 2010


Understanding polytheists

Polytheists are those who associate God, acknowledge the existence of God but Allah, or align something with God. The act is called shirk. Shirk is the greatest sin, therefore we should avoid acts which plunged the act / deliver to shirk. In this regard Allah Ta'ala says, which means:
"Remember when Luqman said to his son, at a time when he gave a lesson to him: O my son! Do you ascribe Allah, Allah divinities is truly a great injustice." (Al-Quran S. Luqman: 13)

So the polytheists are those who associate God in the form proves, speech or in the form of charitable deeds. They become creatures that God created is good in the form of objects or human beings as God, and make it as Andad, Alilah, taghout and Arbab.

Pagans did not receive guidance from God, so that his life was lost, like nerjalan pitch-black night.

Classification Shirk
To worship anything besides Allah
To worship God is something jams including shirk the most weight and height. They worship the objects, sculpture, stone, wood-akyu, tombs, and even human beings and so forth. They believe that these things can bring good and benefit.

Divinities God

Divinities God means trusting that things other than God has the attributes that exist in God. For example, schools of the Trinity according to Christian religious beliefs and understand Trine according to Hindu religious beliefs.

Human deify
Deify humans are included shirk Drive. In the teachings of Science of Tawheed too revere, idolize, and menkultuskan someone was called Ghuluwwun. That is excessive in degree glorify and exalt the creature that was placed in a position which is not properly occupy that position except Allah.

Shirk Dangers
Shirk was very dangerous in people's lives when in the world. Because it can make life even become dark and hearts gone astray, the mind becomes stunted, passive, can not be developed in accordance with the speed of time. Effect of shirk worldview that trace into the outward behavior and attitudes. Shirk make people lose grip and lose confidence.

Shirk is a great sin will not inherit God's mercy be exalted. besides the sin of shirk, in the hands of God alone guarantees that forgiveness. If He may forgive are forgiven, and if He wills punishment, then he was tortured.

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