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25 Feb 2010


Definition of Hypocrisy

Hypocrites are including people who do not receive guidance from God, so that his life is taken does not contain the value of worship, and all the charities that do not seek ridlo God, because of the spoken is not the same as what occurred in his heart, if the spoken white, maybe in his heart is green. This man is extremely dangerous in public life.

Hypocrites are people who duplicity, saying faith but their heart is broken. The act called nifaaq hypocrites. They believe only in the mouth alone. Everyday actions at birth seemed well and in accordance with religion, but charity they see themselves is only a formality. This means that all the charitable acts that do not upheld on the basis of faith and devotion to God, but only based on feelings and desires solely to search and view the sheer face. Any good deed is only used as a mask just to cover all the bad intent and intentions.

The properties of hypocrites
Among the signs of the hypocrites are:
1. Want to deceive God's power. As word of Allah in Surah Al-Baqoroh Verses 8-9, which means:
"And among mankind is he who says:" I believe in Allah and to the day later ", but they were really not people who believe. Fain would they deceive Allah and those who believe Oran, but they only deceive themselves, and they are not conscious. "
2. Gentiles prefer as leader. Allah says in the letter of An-Nisa verse 139, which means:
"... ... (They are) those who take disbelievers became friends helper by leaving believers. whether they find strength in the side of infidels? And, behold, all power belongs to God".
3. Not willing to arbitrate with the laws of Allah and His Messenger.
4. Lazy if uphold the prayer, but if you want to pray like showing off.
5. Lied when the said, violate the promise, betrayal.

Negative Impact People Hypocrisy For the life of society.
Prohibition Mensholatkan Bodies hypocrites.
The fate of hypocrites in the End.

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