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24 Jan 2016

Latihan Soal Teks Recount

Read the text to answer questions 1 - 4

It was Saturday, August 23th. The weather was good. It wasn't rainy. The sun was shining. Our school was holding a special event. It was "Performance Day".

The event started at 9 a.m.. Every student was taking part in the event. Some students were playing chess and some others were taking part in face painting. I was workig with my team. We were doing an experiment.

The "Performance Day" finished at 2 p.m.. We were all happy We had a good time.

1. What was the name of the event?
    A. Clay Work
    B. Experimant Day
    C. A special event
    D. Performance Day

2. How long did the event last?
    A. seven hours
    B. five hours
    C. two hours
    D. one hour

3. What was the writer doing?
    A. He was playing chess.
    B. He was making something with clay.
    C. He was painting his face.
    D. He was doing an experiment.

4. How was the day?
    A. cloudy
    B. windy
    C. sunny
    D. rainy

Read the text to answer questions 5 - 6

Going to a Book Store

Last week, I went to a book store with my brother. We wanted to buy some books and comics. We went there by a motorcycle. First we left home at 2 p.m. The traffic to the book store was not crowded. The book store was not so far from our house. After 25 minutes, we arrived at the book store.

There many people at the book store. I saw there some people choosing kinds of books, magazines, comics, etc. There were many kinds of books at the book store. They were arranged on book shelves. Some people read in front of the shelves. We chose some books and comics we needed and went to cashier. After that we went to a restaurant for having meal. I order meat-balls and soft drink. My bother ordered fried noodle and a soft drink too.

Finally we went home in the evening. We arrived home at 05.15 p.m. We felt very tired but we were happy.

5. What is the main idea of the first paragraph?
    A. The traffic to the book store was not crowded.
    B. There were many kinds of books at the book shelves.
    C. The writers and his brother chose some books and comics and went to cashier
    D. The writer went to a book store with his brother.

6. Which of the following statement is NOT true?
    A. The writer buys some novels in the book store.
    B. The writer arrived at book store at 3.20 p.m.
    C. The writer and his brother having meal in cafĂ©.
    D. The way to go to book store was deserted.

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