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24 Dec 2008

Soal Bahasa Inggris

Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris
Kelas/Smester : II/I
Waktu : 90 menit

Wacana 1
People can do a lot about the condition in which they live. They should refrigerate food properly when necessary and they should not leave food lying around because it may attract insects and rats. To avoid these pests, the proper care of garbage is also very important. Careful house keeping is extremely important to sanitation and good health. People should keep all parts of the house neat and clean. They should scrub bathrooms and kitchens often, and use disinfectants freely.
The fight against disease germs is not the only part of the sanitation official’s job. Modern scientific discoveries have brought new health problems. Some of these are possible dangers of new drugs; the misuse of insect killers, harmful diet, air pollution especially by smoke from industrial factories and exhaust from automobiles, and pollution of rivers, streams, and sea shore area with sewage and chemical wastes.
Sanitary conditions protect people from germs, but health problems not caused by germs are a growing challenge in the field of sanitation today.

  1. What have brought new health problems?
    1. Harmful diet
    2. Exhaust from automobiles
    3. Modern scientific discoveries
    4. The misuse of insect killers
    5. Possible dangers of new drugs

  2. The text tell us about . . . .
    1. Sanitation at home
    2. The proper care of garbage
    3. Condition of someone’s house
    4. The fight against the germs
    5. The modern scientific discoveries

  3. “To avoid these pests”. . . . (paragraph 1)
    The underlined word means . . . away from.
    1. keep
    2. run
    3. release
    4. go
    5. send

  4. The main idea of paragraph 1 is . . . .
    1. There are a lot of things that people can do to keep their surrounding clean and neat
    2. People can use a refrigerator to keep some food
    3. Insects and rats may cause some diseases
    4. It’s important to avoid insects and rats
    5. Disinfectant is freely used to clean the bathrooms and the kitchens

  5. Which of the statement is true?
    1. The people may throw garbage everywhere
    2. People should occasionally keep their house clean
    3. People have to keep a certain part of their house clean
    4. Careful house keeping has close relation with good health
    5. To fight against the disease germ is only sanitation official’s job

    Wacana 2
    The year 1993 was recorded Indonesian badminton’s brightest light. It was when the Indonesian badminton players had so far won 33 title from the 19 grand prix series. In the women’s singles, Susi Susanti beat China’s teenage prodigy Je zhaojing 11 – 3 , 12 – 9 in the final, Susi Susanti had so far collected six grand prix titles in 1993. Her friend Joko Suprianto, had also showed his best as he triumphed in four grand prix tournaments.
    Susi and Joko made 1993 an impressive milestone for Indonesia badminton. The world champions confirmed their positions as the queen and king of world badminton by winning the grand prix in Kuala Lumpur on December 1993. They have followed their previous heroes like Rudio Hartono, Liem Swie King, Icuk Sugiarto and Verawaty Fajrin.
    We have succeeded in badminton because it has been a popular game in our country for a long time. We can see many people play the game either in cities or in villages. We can play it indoors with good facilities and we can play it outdoors even a piece of plank as our rackets. We like it so that we can hear a Sundanese song entitle “Batminton”
    Badminton came from India. People in India called it ‘Poona’. British army brought it to England in 1870. They called it badminton. The International Badminton Federation (IBF) was settled in 1934.
    There are two international famous badminton championships, i.e. the Thomas Cup for men championship and the Uber Cup for women championship. The Thomas Cup was settled in 1948 and the second was settled in 1957. Badminton has also been included for the first time on Barcelona Olympics in 1992.
    Do you want to follow Rudy Hartono footstep, the one who gained eight times championship? Indonesia needs you to continue this career.

  6. Where is the official tournament played?
    1. In stage
    2. In a field
    3. Anywhere
    4. In a ring
    5. indoors

  7. What is main idea of paragraph 3?
    1. Badminton’s bright light
    2. King and queen of Badminton
    3. Badminton is people’s sport
    4. Kinds of Badminton championship
    5. The maestro of Indonesia’s badminton

  8. Susi Susanti beat Chinas prodigy Je zhaojing 11-3, 12 – 9 in (p.1) the underlined word means . . . .
    1. A person with remarkable qualities
    2. A beautiful girl
    3. A tall girl
    4. A dangerous girl very ugly person
    5. A very ugly person

  9. “The origin of Badminton” is the main idea of paragraph . . . .
    1. 5
    2. 4
    3. 3
    4. 2
    5. 1

  10. When did people bring badminton to England?
    1. 1992
    2. 1948
    3. 1957
    4. 1934
    5. 1870

    It was mentioned earlier that with the increase in out population, clean water has become a problem. Our rivers have been polluted by all sorts of waste. There is rubbish from our homes, dangerous pesticides from our farms, and deadly chemicals from our factories.
    In the days when the pollution was smaller, people’s waste could be useful. I could be turned slowly into nitrates and phosphates by the natural action of bacteria and air, and these two substances, are needed by plants and fish. But as the pollution increased, waste becomes so much and so overwhelming that natural process could not longer keep the water clean. Many fish have been killed by water pollution.
    There are many kinds of pollution. They can be grouped into several major classifications, of which we mentioned here; water pollution and radiator pollution.
    Air pollution is caused by car engines and by big factories with large chimneys through which dirty air escapes.
    Land pollution can be caused by waste or rubbish such as paper, bottles, plastic, aluminium, scraps, junk, etc. Because of our carelessness and laziness our surroundings are very dirty they are filled with household as well as factory waste. Some waste can be broken down by natural organisms such as bacteria. Rubbish like this called organic waste. On the other hand, rubbish which cannot be broken down by natural organisms is called inorganic waste. This is more difficult to dispose of and it makes the surroundings very unpleasant to look at.
    Noise pollution can be caused by several things, loud music through loudspeakers, the noise of motorized vehicles such as trucks, buses, motorcycles, and also aircraft. Loud noise is annoying and cause nervous strain.
    Radiation pollution can kill many people in one moment. It is caused by uranium and other radioactive materials. The testing of atomic weapons is featured by people in general because atomic weapons are radioactive. These are a few examples of the different kinds of pollution in our lives.

  11. According to the text, how many kinds of pollution do you know?

  12. a. 1
    b. 2
    c. 3
    d. 4
    e. 5

  13. Through natural processes, waste can be turned into nitrates and phosphates.

  14. a. 1
    b. 2
    c. 3
    d. 4
    e. 5

  15. . . . waste become so much and so overwhelming ( paragraph 2 )
    Overwhelming means . . . .

  16. a. Slow to change
    b. Natural to process
    c. Dangerous to handle
    d. Extremely unpleasant
    e. Great in amount

  17. Which of the following statement in not true according to the text?

  18. a. Loud music is dangerous to some people
    b. Land pollution isn’t mainly caused by factories
    c. Pollution is not caused by the increase in population
    d. Air pollution can possible happen in our house
    e. Chemical from house are dangerous to fish and plants

  19. The best topic for the last paragraph is . . . .

  20. a. The result of radiation pollution
    b. Our lives
    c. Uranium
    d. Atomic weapon
    e. Radioactive materials

    Wacana 4
    Central Java
    The worst hit flood area in the country this rainy season has been Central Java, where 70 people had killed and tens of thousands evacuated.
    The public works ministry estimated that it will need 14 billion rupiah (US $ 6.7 million) to reconstruct the bridges in Kali Kuto and Kali Desa, Central Java, and to repair a number of roads in province. Another 10.36 billion rupiah is needed to repair irrigation facilities.
    The minister of Public Works, Radinal Muchtar, has instructed that repair on damaged roads and bridges be completed before the Idul Fitri holidays at the end of March.
    Radinal said he ordered the state-owned construction company- PT Adi Karya to begin the reconstruction immediately. He said he chose the firm because it is now working on projects in the area and has experience in handling similar kinds of repairs.

  21. Seventy people had been killed and tens of thousands evacuated. (p. 1)
    The underlined word means . . . .

  22. a. To make something work again
    b. To calculate the cost of something
    c. To tell someone to do something
    d. To take all people away
    e. To help people repairing roads

  23. What is the main idea of the third paragraph?

  24. a. Seventy people had been killed and tens of thousands people evacuated
    b. The worst hit flood area in the country this rainy season has been in Central Java
    c. The Public Works Ministry said that the cost to reconstruct the bridges is cheap.
    d. The Minister of Public works has instructed that repair on damaged roads and bridges completed before Idul Fitri holiday
    e. The cost to repair the irrigation and the bridge need a lot of money.

  25. Why did the Minister of Public Work choose PT. Adi Karya, reconstruct the bridges? Because . . . .

  26. a. PT. Adi Karya needed 6.7 billion rupiah to reconstruct bridges in Kali Kuto and Kali Desa b. Radinal Muchtar lived in that province two years ago
    c. Only the state owned construction company that had license to reconstruct the bridges
    d. The company rebuilt both the Kali Kuto and Kali Comel
    e. It is now working in handling similar kinds of repairs

  27. The text tells us about . . . .

  28. a. Rainy season
    b. The worst flood
    c. The terrible earthquakes
    d. the hurricanes
    e. the drought

  29. The Minister of Public Works, Radinal Muchtar, has instructed that repair on . . . .( p: 3 )
    The underlined word means . . . .

  30. a. Pledged
    b. ordered
    c. Announced
    d. advised
    e. promised

    Wacana 5
    WEST Java is the home of “Topeng” which is dance drama performed by wearing masks. Actually there many kinds of Topeng Dances, all of them based on the adventures of Prince Panji, the hero of Javanese legend of the twelfth century. The most-attractive dances are usually performed by up to ten people who are guided by the Dalang or storyteller, as if they ere living puppets. However, a drama may also be performed by one actor who may wear as many as thirty different masks during performance
    The music with accompanies the dance is as popular today as it was when first developed more than 800 years ago. The Javanese orchestra is called the “Gamelan” and it is made up of different types of percussion instruments. The basic instrument is the drum. Gongs are also very important in the gamelan orchestra and indicate the beginning and the end of each dance in a concert. The Javanese gamelan is smaller than the Balinese one.

  31. The person who admired by his noble qualities in the Javanese legend of twelfth century is . . . .

  32. a. Rahmana
    b. Gatot Kaca
    c. Rama
    d. Prince Panji
    e. Hanoman

  33. The main idea of paragraph 2 is …

  34. a. The origin Topeng
    b. How angklung is played
    c. Javanese dancing is the most beautiful dancing
    d. Gongs are very important in the gamelan orchestra
    e. Orchestra which accompanies Javanese dancing is gamelan

  35. Why are gongs also very important in the gamelan orchestra?

  36. a. Gongs show the beauty of Javanese
    b. They indicate the beginning and end of each dance in a concert
    c. Gongs are the only instrument in the Javanese gamelan
    d. Gongs are played by blowing them
    e. They are lighter than the other instruments

  37. Shop assistant : … the floor is wet, mom
    Customer : Oh, thank you

  38. a. Don’t worry!
    b. Be sure!
    c. Be careful!
    d. what's up!
    e. How do you do!

  39. Mother : Why are you crying, Tom?
    Tom : I have a toothache, mom
    Mother : You … go to the dentist

  40. a. Can
    b. May
    c. might
    d. must
    e. shall

  41. She’s very keen on eating meatballs.
    The underlined words expresses …

  42. a. Want
    b. Like
    c. Hope
    d. wish
    e. dislike

  43. Soni : “I heard your brother got first rank”
    Tono : You are right.
    Soni : I feel … of my brother.

  44. a. Shy
    b. Proud
    c. Tired
    d. confusion
    e. angry

  45. Ela : Do you know how to fix the car engine?
    Eni : Sorry, I’m not qualified to do it?
    The underlined utterance expresses …

  46. a. Certainty
    b. Possibility
    c. Capability
    d. incapacibility
    e. impossibility

  47. Ina : Did you hear a stranger noise last night?
    Titi : Yes, I did. What do you think it was?
    Ina : It could have been a ghost.
    The underlined word expresses ….

  48. a. Capability
    b. Necessity
    c. Ability
    d. possibility
    e. impossibility

  49. Ani : Mom! Anna, Corry and Jill are going to spend their holiday in Bali .
    …. I join them?
    Mother : What ? Don’t you remember the doctor’s advice?

  50. a. Must
    b. Should
    c. Will
    d. can
    e. may

  51. Rio : Fia told me that Jack would be back here within two weeks. Is it true?
    Lia : I can’t say that for you. He didn’t tell me when he called me last week.
    The underlined utterance expresses …

  52. a. Improbability
    b. Dissatisfaction
    c. Uncertainty
    d. displeasure
    e. disappointment

  53. X : My mother is seriously ill. He needs medicine as soon as possible but I can’t leave him alone.
    Y : …….?
    X : Oh, thanks, you’re really helpful.

  54. a. Can I accompany you to go to a drug store
    b. My I come to your house tonight
    c. Should I give the medicine for him
    d. May I help you to buy the medicine
    e. Can you help me find it for him

  55. Eko : Ita, Can I use your calculator? I left mine.
    Ita : Oh, sure. Here it is!
    The underlined utterance is used to ask …

  56. a. Permission
    b. Ability
    c. Possibility
    d. information
    e. invitation

  57. Danu : Where is Sonny?
    Rini : Don’t you know that he has been sick for two days?
    Danu : Oh, really? I … that he’ll be better soon

  58. a. Guess
    b. Hope
    c. Agree
    d. like
    e. think

  59. X : There are some victims in the traffic accident.
    Y : My cousin is one of them.
    X : ….

  60. a. Excuse me
    b. Thank you
    c. Good
    d. You are welcome
    e. I’m very sorry to hear that

  61. Mary : Hi, Jane where have you been?
    Jane : Bandung, We attended my brother’s wedding party.
    Mary : You look very beautiful wearing a … dress.

  62. a. Nice red silk charming
    b. Silk charming nice red
    c. Charming silk red nice
    d. Nice charming red silk
    e. Charming red silk nice

  63. Budi : Have they finished cultivating the land?
    Dono : Not yet. But they … it by the end of this month.

  64. a. Finish
    b. Are finishing
    c. Will have finished
    d. will finish
    e. have been finishing

    Couples that practice birth control do so for various reasons. They may want to … (38) … or space their children, or to have no children at all, young couple often … (39) … having children so the wife can work and add to the family income. Other couples space their children so they can …(40)… each child as much attention as possible. Some women are …(41)… by their doctors to prevent pregnancy for health reasons.
    In many countries with rapidly growing populations, the government … (42) … couples to limit the size of their families.

  65. a. change

  66. b. Reduce
    c. Limit
    d. omit
    e. skip

  67. a. stop

  68. b. Avoid
    c. Reduce
    d. decrease
    e. postpone

  69. a. give

  70. b. bring
    c. Send
    d. Take
    e. stop

  71. a. avoided

  72. b. Ordered
    c. Advised
    d. instructed
    e. controlled

  73. a. instructs

  74. b. Permits
    c. Helps
    d. encourages
    e. avoids

    The group of …(43)… in Jakarta Bay offers a heaven away from the bustle of city life. There are garden …(44)… fringed with coconut palms, the surrounding water are …(45)… for keen divers. They are filled with a myriad of …(46)… fish which live among the multicoloured …(47)…

  75. a. strait

  76. b. Island
    c. Lakes
    d. valleys
    e. contyinents

  77. a. beaches

  78. b. Slopes
    c. Villages
    d. mountains
    e. volcanoes

  79. a. Storage

  80. b. Hell
    c. Halls
    d. districts
    e. paradise

  81. a. Typical

  82. b. Magical
    c. Historical
    d. tropical

  83. a. sand

  84. b. Grass
    c. Dust
    d. weed
    e. carols

  85. Many critics believe that television could be used for socially constructive purposes as well as for entertainment.
    The underlined word means ….

  86. a. Actions
    b. Aims
    c. Aids
    d. activities
    e. information

  87. Most cars in big cities produce … that is harmful to our health.

  88. a. Waste
    b. Wind
    c. Fog
    d. steam
    e. fume

  89. A / an … volcano forces out lava and gas continuously.

  90. a. Active
    b. Dormant
    c. Extinct
    d. very active
    e. sea

  91. The … is the most important person in the wayang kulit.

  92. a. Dalang
    b. Pesinden
    c. Singer
    d. people
    e. character

  93. The lines on leave which are formed like squiggly tunnels made by tine grubs, are called leaf miners.
    The underlined word means ….

  94. a. Shaped
    b. Destroyed
    c. Built
    d. cut
    e. found

  95. As he knows that life is very tough, he tries hard to give adequate education to his children in order that they have a better life in the future.
    The under lined word means .…

  96. a. Good
    b. Formal
    c. Enough
    d. efficient
    e. practical

  97. Astronomy is the science of ….
    It is the oldest of sciences.

  98. a. The Universe
    b. The Galaxies
    c. The Solar System
    d. the satellites
    e. the earth

  99. Look! The Korean Centre Forward has got the ball and is going to run toward the PSSI goal. The underlined word means ….

  100. a. Keeper
    b. Left back
    c. Attacker
    d. defender
    e. inside right

  101. When a woman gets married, she usually wear a white … dress

  102. a. Groom
    b. Married
    c. Marrying
    d. wedding
    e. marriage

  103. Many foreign come to Indonesia every year because there are a lot of interesting … in this country.

  104. a. Tourist resorts
    b. Guides
    c. Souvenirs
    d. travel agencies
    e. accommodations

  105. We can acquire proteins from meat, peas, chicken, bean, coconut, egg and milk.
    The underlined word means ….

  106. a. Need
    b. Get
    c. Interest
    d. concern
    e. eat

  107. Radio is means of communication that relies on the use of electromagnetic waves propagated through space at the speed of light.
    The underlined word means ….,

  108. a. Stated
    b. Explained
    c. Transmitted
    d. include
    e. broadcast

  109. The person who edits the contents of news before being printed is called ….

  110. a. Manager
    b. Writer
    c. cartoonist
    d. editor
    e. Composer

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